What Our Visitors Have to Say

We have been coming to pick apples at your beautiful farm for 11 years with my daughter..now we have my 4 year old son to bring and its such a joy to keep coming back to make these memories that my kids will pass onto their own someday! The apples are fantastic and the kids get a kick out of eating apples they pick themselves. Thanks Knaus!

Raymond Rios
Your family provided a wonderful experience for myself and girls volleyball team I coached 20 years ago and I have been happily returning with my family ever since. Looking forward walking the orchards again this season.

Rosemarie Mielke
We came last year for the first time. We loved picking our own apples! They were the BEST tasting apples we’ve ever eaten, and our kids couldn’t get enough of them. Coming back this year, and bringing a friend. You are friendly, have a wonderful orchard, and it’s a great experience.

Nori Saylor

I moved to North Edwards 21 years ago and began apple picking at your orchard with my husband and two sons. The boys are now in their 20’s and still love to go pick apples. I have even brought my mother and nieces to pick apples. We have great memories.

Jim Rizzardini
Been to your ranch every year for a long time.My family and I come from Inyokern. p.s. love the pies…

Christina Telles
We love coming to your Apple Ranch for Apple Picking. This is a family tradition for us. We like to spend a couple of hours apple picking and then we head home to make apple butter with the apples we picked.

Anna Karavidas
We absolutely love your orchard!

Joy Gray
Your apple pie, warm with some Breyers vanilla ice cream was the talk of our holiday dinner. Thanks for those wonderful pies!

Sandy Garrett
Thanks for the great time we had this morning. You did a nice presentation for our kiddos and they all enjoyed picking apples. I am currently enjoying the mouthwatering smells coming from my oven. My husband is going to be so surprised and delighted by this first apple pie of the season!

Mabel Stiles-Barrio
My family comes up every year to pick apples and buy apple rings. we love it. We actually are planning on coming up tomorrow.

Maria Barrios
love your apples and your apple cake delicious!!

Joel Cook
Planning on seeing your farm in about 3 weeks. This is my 2nd year coming to your area to buy 1 1/2 bushel of Golden Delicious

Ross Juan
We picked alot, gave a bag each to our neighbors and friends.The rest we kept in the fruit section of our fridge, lined with paper all around, they lasted for about 2 months, with taste just as fresh. We’ve never had apples that lasted that long. You grow the best apples in the world!

Vickey R
I used to go up and visit my cousins and we would go apple picking. My cousin would get fresh made apple pies, some that where ready for her to go home and cook.

Jen L
Husband is a Navy pilot and we have been stationed at China Lake for 18 months. We are both from the Midwest and miss the farms. We grew up Apple picking and would like to take our 3 kids somewhere local. Happy to have found this place!

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